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7 Dec 2015 Sergii uses a Mac for this demo but VS Code works on Windows. GitHub as a May 04, 2017 And what is the result in Visual Studio or Team. Bitbucket, Codeplex (Note: Codeplex has several source control options and Git.

Developers spend most of their day in three places: chat, their IDE, and a code repository platform like Bitbucket. In between, a lot of hours are spent context switching between apps. At Atlassian, our goal is to cut out all of the alt-tabbing and make you more productive by bringing your work closer to where you spend the most time.

That’s why today we’re excited to announce Atlassian for VS Code, a new Bitbucket Cloud and Jira Software Cloud extension for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. We are bringing pull requests, CI/CD, and issues where we think they should be: in your IDE, right alongside your code.

Bringing Jira issues into the IDE helps developers focus by showing the context of the work next to the code and automatically updating the status of work-in-progress back in your Jira account. Combine this with Bitbucket pull requests and CI/CD in the IDE for continuous feedback and delivery.

Less context switching and more up-to-date information, how’s that for a win-win? Let’s take a look at how it all works:

See across your entire development cycle

1. Create and review pull requests.

Finished coding? Share your work from within the IDE by creating a new pull request. Our “Pull Request Explorer” on the left-hand panel will list all of the open pull requests for the active repository and all of the relevant file changes.

2. A summary screen allows you to read and/or add general comments, checkout the PR branch, and approve the PR.

Click on an existing pull request to view more details or take additional actions:

  • List pull requests
  • View related files
  • Review and/or comment on diffs
  • Checkout the pull request branch and make modifications
  • Approve and merge pull requests

3.See a diff view for every file that’s changed in the PR, where you can read and/or add line level comments.

4. Kick off your builds, tests, and deployments with Bitbucket Pipelines.

With Bitbucket Pipelines, Bitbucket’s integrated CI/CD service, in VS Code you can stay in your IDE for the entire development cycle – from conception through to deployment. You’ll be able to:

  • View your list of builds in a tree view
  • View detailed logs showing each step of the build
  • Receive notifications when new builds are started or completed
  • Kick off builds manually from within VS Code

You can also write your build descriptor in your bitbucket-pipelines.yml file right within the IDE. Our new editor in VS Code helps you write with as-you-type validation and IntelliSense. You will see drop-downs of options to insert based on where you are in the document.

This feature also supports Bitbucket Pipes snippets, which make it easier to build powerful, automated CI/CD workflows in a plug and play fashion without the hassle of managing integrations. Bitbucket Pipes currently supports over 30+ pipes from leading vendors like AWS, Google, Azure, and Slack.

Bring your pull requests and issues together with Bitbucket + Jira + VS Code

Link your Bitbucket pull requests and Jira issues for more seamless collaboration and to make VS Code your one central source of truth.

1. Automatically create a Bitbucket branch for an issue.
Our “Start Work on Issue” button will automatically create a branch with your Jira issue key, checkout the new branch, assign the issue to you, and transition it to “In Progress.”

2. The “Related Jira issues” view under your pull request allows you to quickly understand the context of your work and the bigger picture of related work being completed.

Related Jira issues are automatically found and suggested by looking at issue keys within your:

? Branch name
? Commit comments
? Pull request comments within Bitbucket

3. Highlight a piece of code and have it automatically linked to Bitbucket in your new issue’s description.

Get Started

By pulling Bitbucket and Jira in right alongside your code, you’ll be able to collaborate quicker, more efficiently, and have a free flow of information between teams.

Install the Atlassian extension in the VS Code Marketplace or learn more in our documentation.

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New to Bitbucket? Sign up for a Bitbucket Cloud account – it’s free!

Bitbucket Extension is a plugin for Visual Studio integration with Bitbucket Git repositories. Main features:

  • Create - lets user to create a git repository on and synchronize it with your local version.
  • Clone - lists all existing Bitbucket repositories and allows user to clone it locally.
  • Publish - user can publish his local-only repository to Bitbucket.
  • View all pull requests.
  • Create/Modify new pull request.
  • Approve/Disapprove/Merge/Decline pull requests.
  • View files, commits and comments from pull request.
  • View Pull request diff with syntax language highlighting.


The extension will stay free forever. You can voluntarily support me by donating via PayPal/Bank account.


Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.

Getting Started


Visual Studio 2015/2017 installed.


Go to Visual Studio Bitbucket Extension, download VSIX file and install it.You can also install it from within Visual Studio. Tools -> Extensions and Updates.


Please create an issue and upload log file located under %AppData%GitClientVSExtensionLogslogs.txt

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  • Zbigniew Szepczyński - MistyK
  • niba - niba

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


Thanks to

Github which was a source of knowledge for us. Thank you guys.