How To Bulid Openh264 For Mac

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openH264 plugin Firefox 33 Georg Fritzsche Alexandra LucinetHossain Al Ikram N/A


I am trying to build openh264 for ios. I have downloaded the source code from the latest release. Then changed the PREFIX in makefile to ioslocal. After that I did make OS=ios ARCH=arm64 which completed with lot of warning. Run 'lib /def:openh264.def', this will create openh264.lib, copy this file to the OpenH264 installation directory rename or copy libopenh264.dll to openh264.dll and put it in the system path Add OpenH264 include and library installation paths to Visual Studio search path settings. Add this to your configsite.h: #define PJMEDIAHASOPENH264CODEC 1.

OpenH264, released by Cisco under the BSD license, is a codec library which supports H.264 encoding and decoding. It is suitable for use in real time applications such as WebRTC.

  • Details
    • OS Support
      • Windows 64-bit and 32-bit
      • Mac OS X 64-bit and 32-bit
      • Linux 64-bit and 32-bit
      • Android 32-bit
      • iOS 64-bit and 32-bit
    • Processor Support
      • Intel x86 optionally with MMX/SSE
      • ARMv7 optionally with NEON
      • Any architecture using C/C++ fallback functions


  • Many thanks go out to Ikram for his great help in testing of openh264 plugin

How to generate logs:

  • Open about:config and click on 'I'll be careful, I promise!' button
  • Set:
    • media.gmp-manager.log to true
    • browser.dom.window.dump.enabled to true
  • Create:
    • media.gmp-gmpopenh264.provider.logging.level (right click -> New -> String) set to 0
    • media.gmp-gmpopenh264.provider.logging.dump (right click -> New -> Boolean) set to true


  • Launch Firefox through the Command prompt/Terminal to view all the logs as it follows:
    • For Windows Platform: use 'cd' command to get to the Firefox folder and enter 'firefox -no-remote -p -console' command
    • For Mac OS X Platform: /Applications/Firefox/ -p -console
      • Note: make sure the path to Firefox is the correct one
    • For Linux Platform: use 'cd' command to get to the Firefox folder and './firefox -no-remote -p -console' command

Launch Firefox (through the Terminal) and wait for the plugin to install via Add-ons Manager

Default state
State after installation

Prefs generated after successful plugin installation
Example of a successful h264 call

How To Bulid Openh264 For Mac
  • Test page:

Tracking Bugs

Full Query
1009760Hook up crash reporting for GMP plugins (openh264)VERIFIEDFIXED
1009765Add GMP plugin crashes to FHR crash reportingVERIFIEDFIXED
1009816Firefox desktop: openh264 updates: check, download, installVERIFIEDFIXED
1009909Firefox desktop: Integrate the openh264 media plugin in the add-ons managerVERIFIEDFIXED
1039226Trigger explicit OpenH264 updates from OpenH264ProviderVERIFIEDFIXED
1040048Register the OpenH264 plugin from the OpenH264Provider on startupVERIFIEDFIXED
1040937Open H264 plugin stuck in disabled state after downloadVERIFIEDFIXED
1040941Non-functional 'preference' button for Open H264 plugin (depending on state)VERIFIEDFIXED
1041080Fix OpenH264Provider path registration, default enabled state and loggingVERIFIEDFIXED
1042161Handle OpenH264 updates for long-running sessionsVERIFIEDFIXED
1043531OpenH264 crash reporting notification not shownVERIFIEDFIXED
1044245GMP with OpenH264 crashes on Windows.VERIFIEDFIXED
1045209The OpenH264 path should be relative to the profile directory and include a version subdirectoryVERIFIEDFIXED
1045500Crash reporter notification cuts off OpenH264 plugin nameVERIFIEDFIXED
1046644Honor OpenH264 autoupdate pref for the initial GMP install checkVERIFIEDFIXED
1047374Missing 'Submit a crash report' button from OpenH264 crash reporting notification [Windows only]RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
1049501crash in mozilla::gmp::PGMPParent::DeallocShmems()VERIFIEDFIXED
1053473Add GMP crash submissions to the crash manager with the proper typeRESOLVEDINVALID
1053748[FHR] Crashing gmp using media.gmp.plugin.crash pref does not store data in FHRRESOLVEDWONTFIX
1056029[Linux] OpenH264 crash reporting notification not always shownNEW
1056035Unnecessarily line displayed above Find Updates option for h264 pluginVERIFIEDFIXED
1056041'Change when this add-on runs' button changes size when clickedRESOLVEDINACTIVE

22 Total;1 Open (4.55%);4 Resolved (18.18%);17 Verified (77.27%);

Just wondering if anyone knows if this would be a waste of both my time and money? Canon powershot sx20 is drivers for mac. I'd have to replace the battery and maybe even a lcd screen in the back, though not as badly if i can hook it up to a computer and use the screen as a range finder. So i just came across an old canon powershot sd550 when trying to find my old Logitech G7 was gonna finally replace the dead batteries online.

Oxygen free download for mac.

Moztrap Tests


  • All the Moztrap test cases were executed.
  • All the blocker, critical, major bugs have been fixed.
Firefox 33 pre-Beta Sign Off - 08/29/2014
  • All the test cases were executed on the next OSs:
    • Windows 7 64-bit
    • Mac OS X 10.9.4
    • Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit
  • Test Run Results: Link
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