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Asphalt 9 For Macos Rating: 9,9/10 2747 reviews

Feb 25, 2018  Asphalt 9: Legends features an extensive roster of real hypercars from renowned manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. Pick your dream ride and race across spectacular locations around the world. Collect over 60. Dec 15, 2019  If you are willing to play Asphalt 9 Legends on PC running Windows 10, you can easily do that. Usually, Gameloft releases its games for Windows OS as well. Ms office autentication failed for gmail on mac. The Asphalt 8 and some other games of Gameloft are available in the Microsoft Store. The Asphalt 9 Legends will likely make it to the store too.

Last year at WWDC and then on its website, Apple highlighted some of the major developers that would bring apps from iOS to Mac with its Catalyst framework. One of those was Gameloft’s highly popular Asphalt 9: Legends. Now after a few delays, it has quietly landed on the Mac App Store.

It was back in October that Asphalt 9 along with DC Universe were removed from Apple’s website as two of the headlining apps to be coming to Mac via Catalyst. At first, it wasn’t clear if the developers were reversing course on Catalyst plans but as for Gameloft, it said it was still aiming for a release before the end of 2019.

After a bit longer delay than expected, Gameloft has launched its popular iOS title Asphalt 9: Legends on the Mac App Store. While that’s the good news, one of the first reviews claims that there’s unfortunately not compatibility to play across macOS and iOS with the latest versions for each appearing to cause a problem. Hopefully, that should be a relatively easy fix for Gameloft.

Notably, multiple developers have shared some of the difficulties of using Catalyst even though the goal of the framework is to make the porting process easy.

Asphalt 9 for Mac is also quite a large app, coming in at 2.5GBs in size. It also requires macOS 10.15 or later.

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