How To Put A Diagonal Line In Excel For Mac

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Click the cell that you want to place the diagonal line. Right-click and choose Format Cells in the menu, and a Format Cells dialog box will pop out. Then click Border on the top ribbon, and click the diagonal line, you can preview it from the box. See screenshot: 3. Then click OK. And the diagonal line has been inserted into the cell. How could I force a 45 degree angle line in an excel scatter plot instead of a trend line?? How would I do this? It also says choose a line graph, but I need a scatter plot not a line graph. I just need a line within the scatter plot. See attached for your updated chart. I applied exactly the steps I described above. Excel 2008 for Mac.

How to insert diagonal line to table in Word?

Diagonal line is used to split table header cell and set names to a row or column items. It can make the data in table be shown more clearly. Canon powershot a480 digital camera. How to insert diagonal line to the table? This tutorial will show you the different ways to do it.

Quickly insert diagonal line to table header

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Manually insert diagonal line to table in Word

Users can insert diagonal line into the table header by setting the table borders and shading. Do the following steps in Word2007/2010:

Step 1: Click in the cell you want to insert a diagonal line into.


Step 2: Click Design tab in the Table Tools, click Borders in Table Styles group;

Step 3: Click Borders tab, select Cell from Apply to drop down list, click diagonal line button;

Step 4: Click OK.

If you want to want to insert the different style diagonal lines to the table, do as follows:

Step 1: Click Insert tab, click Shapes in Illustrations panel;

Step 2: Choose from Lines;

Step 3: Draw the header by cursor like painting with pen. You can draw any style you desire;

Quickly insert diagonal line to table header

Kutools for Word provides the easiest way to insert diagonal line and set captions to table header for Word 2007/ 2010/2013/2016.

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After installing Kutools for Word, please do as below:(Free Download Kutools for Word Now!)

Click Enterprise > click Diagonal Header in the Table panel;

After clicking Diagonal Header, Kutools for Word will show the Diagonal Table Header box. You can choose the Header Style and set the captions in it, also can change the font size.

Setting Diagonal Header window as figure above, click OK, see screenshot:

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1. Open Microsoft Excel by double-clicking the Excel icon on your screen or selecting 'Programs' from the 'Start' menu and then selecting 'Microsoft Excel.'
2. Select the cell you would like to place the diagonal line in by clicking on it once. The cell will be highlighted with a bold border around it to indicate that it has been selected.
3. For Excel versions before 2007, move your cursor to the 'Format' pull-down menu and select the first item: 'Cells.' A pop-up box will appear named 'Format Cells.' Select the tab that says 'Border' within the box.
4. For Excel 2007 or more recent versions, within the 'Home' tab at the top of the page, click on the down-facing arrow next to the image of a box within the 'Font' section. This is called 'Format Cells.' This arrow will select a pull-down menu. Select the last entry: 'More Borders.' The 'Format Cells' pop-up box will appear within the 'Borders' tab.
5. Select either the left or right diagonal line amongst the line options surrounding the sample box. Your selection will show up as an example in this box.
6. Confirm your selection by pushing 'OK.' The box will close and you will to your spreadsheet with the diagonal line appearing in the cell.