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Hi HughD, If you are trying to install Mac OS X 10.7.5 as a guest OS X in Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac, you may install it from a USB drive using the Parallels Wizard and selecting 'Install from a DVD or image file', then selecting 'Choose an image file' selecting the USB drive that has Lion (10.7.5) on it.

Hello, you fine people of MacRumors.
I am way behind the times, running OS Lion 10.7.5 on a 17' Macbook Pro.
I need to upgrade my OS and my external hard drive is out of space. No problem, right? Just buy a new hard drive.
Unfortunately, all the drives in my local store are compatible with Sierra, El Capitan, and above. I bought a drive, and did the erasing and partitioning as in times past, but my computer and Time Machine still won't recognize it.
My question is, what drive can I buy in 2017 that's not an expensive Time Capsule (more than $200USD used). Because I need to backup before I can install a new OS and do it relatively inexpensively.

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There is no doubt that Mac is one of the most robust computing devices on the planet. Despite of that, there will be times when you may lose your data on Mac due to any reason, such as:

  • Accidental or unintentional deletion of an important file;
  • Formatting hard disk partitions;
  • Interrupted copy-paste operations;
  • Closing Mac account without saving data;

These are just a few of the many reasons as to why you may need a data recovery software for Mac OS X. Let us now move on to the top 5 data recovery softwares for Mac OS X in the market.

1. Recoverit for Mac

When it comes to a professional data recovery software for Mac OS X, then Recoverit for Mac is one of the best in the market. With a simplistic interface, high degree of functionality and stellar customer support, it is one of the top choices of most of the Mac users.


  • It recognizes over 1000 different file types.
  • Recoverit can be used to find various deleted, lost, formatted or corrupted data from Mac partitions, hard drives or the trash bin due to a range of reasons on your Mac.
  • The Wizard Recovery Mode guides users along with the entire process, which is great for the novice of data recovery softwares.
  • It lets you preview files before recovery.
  • Allows you to rescue data from Macbook, iPod, Mac desktop, usb drives, digital cameras, mobile phones and other storage media.
  • Recoverit only reads and recovers data without leaking or modifying them, 100% safe.


  • It has a simple and highly functional UI.
  • It supports almost every major file-type.
  • Files can be recovered with all their original file names and structures.


  • Scanning large drives takes up a lot of time.
  • Options like Raw File Recovery may be hard for beginners to understand and use.

2. Disk Drill for Mac

Another great data recovery software for Mac OS X is Disk Drill. It works seamlessly with OS X, and offers you a range of features to make the recovery of deleted or lost files and even complete partitions an easy process on your Mac PCs. Command s for mac.


  • It can recover data from Mac's internal hard drive, external memory devices and even phones & cameras.
  • It is not just a data recovery tool, but can also be used to protect and maintain your hard drive with a range of other functionalities.
  • Disk Drill data recovery software for Mac supports almost all major file formats.
  • You can save a particular session of Disk Drill data recovery process and resume it later as per your convenience.


  • It is easy for beginners, and they just need to go through the steps once to understand the process.
  • It lets users preview files before they are recovered.
  • Disk Drill offers a range of functions to ease recovery and prevent such situations in the future.


  • Scanning the hard drive in Disk Drill takes a long time, even for drives that are not very large.
  • The interface is far too complicated and cluttered for a novice user.

3. Tenorshare Any Data Recovery

Tenorshare Any Data Recovery software for Mac is a versatile and effective way to get back your lost files on Mac. You can use Tenorshare to get back your data not just from your Mac, but also any hard drive, memory card, camera or storage device that is connected to it.


  • It supports not just media and email files, but also archives, documents and a lot more.
  • You can recover specific files as per your own criteria.
  • Any files that you recover can be previewed and checked before going ahead with the entire process.


  • With Tenorshare Any Data Recovery, you can filter search results to find the desired files as quickly as possible.
  • Unlike other Mac data recovery software, it lets you specify the criteria before searching so as to increase the scanning time.
  • Tenorshare supports almost all major file types and formats.


  • Using it is not as simple, especially for beginners.
  • Making use of its advanced features will require some special knowledge.
For file crash, try other software like Stellar Mac Recovery.

4. Data Rescue 4

Data Rescue 4 is one of the most trusted of data recovery software for Mac OS X in the market. With great customer reviews, recommendations from some popular blogs and a wide range of features, Data Rescue 4 is another option that you can consider if you want to recover lost files from Mac quickly and without too much trouble.


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  • It can recover data from hard drives that have corrupted, crashed or do not mount anymore.
  • Any files lost due to deleted Operating Systems, formatting or damaged file systems can be found using it.
  • Data Rescue 4 works great with Mac OS X 10.7.5 and later versions.
  • Apart from recovering data, it can also be used to make the Mac hard drive more efficient.


  • It ensures maximum chances of recovery no matter how the files were lost or deleted.
  • It can recover the entire drive or specific parts of it as per your requirement.
  • HFS/HFS+ formatted drive recovery can be done through it.


  • It is a little complicated for beginners.
  • There are different licenses that you need to purchase depending on how much data you are going to recover.
For formatted data recovery, go there and recover formatted files on Mac.

5. Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Free

Do Your Data Recovery for Mac free is another popular data recovery software for Mac OS X that has a large user base, primarily because of its user-friendly interface as well as the efficiency of the recovery algorithms that it employs. While it may be tough to state as the best Mac data recovery software, this is one that you must check out before making a choice.


  • Data can be recovered from Mac's internal hard disk, any external memory devices or cameras that are connected to Mac;
  • Lifetime technical support is given to all customers;
  • This data recovery software for Mac is available for both personal an business users;


  • It can recover data that has been deleted, formatted or inaccessible.
  • Any pictures, documents or files that you are trying to recover can be previewed before recovery.
  • It supports all major file formats and extensions.


  • The recovery process is not guaranteed, and it may not be able to find certain files.
  • There is a limit to the data that you can recover with it.

These are some of the best data recovery softwares for Mac OS X that you can consider. While these all may appear to be great options, you should only go for Recoverit Mac data recovery software that provides you with the requisite support, is trusted by consumers and has the features that you need to get back your files on Mac.

Someone might be surprised that why we don't make reviews on Recuva for Mac. Get the answers from the page: Recuva for Mac OS X.

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