Maven Metadata Xml Download For Mac

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Maven plugin that creates an Application Bundle for OS X containing all your project dependencies and the necessary metadata.

Package with following command,

Use Custom Info.plist and Icon

What I want to do is to force Maven to download the 'maven-metadata.xml' for each artifact that I have in my local repository. The default Maven behaviour is to download only metadata from remote repositories (see this question). Why I want to do that: Currently I have a remote repository running in a build machine.

Put your custom Info.plist and Icon.icns under your maven resource paths (src/main/resources on default configuration).

Configure pom.xml like below,

Embedd Java Runtime Environment

Locate the JRE or JDK on your Mac (/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/ on default configuration).

Maven Metadata Xml Download For Mac

Configure pom.xml like below,


How to create DMG

Configure pom.xml like below,

About this plugin

As you may know, Apple has dropped Java development from OS X excluding security patches.

mojo's osxappbundle-maven-plugin depends on Apple's Java launcher, so it does not support Java version 7 and future.

Oracle's Java Application Bundler supports other Java runtime (including Java 7, 8 and more), but it does not support maven.

I merged both and fix to work as a maven plugin that supports latest Mac OS X.


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