How To Find Mac Address For Samsung Galaxy S5

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The MAC Address is a unique identifier for the networking hardware on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. You may need to know the MAC address in order to connect to certain wireless networks or for troubleshooting purposes. Luckily, you can locate this information right from within the Android OS.

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  1. From the Home screen, select the app slider at the bottom-right portion of the screen.
  2. Tap “Settings“.
  3. Choose the “Connections” option, then select “Wi-Fi“. Ensure that “Wi-Fi” is turned “On“.
  4. Select “Advanced“.
  5. Scroll down on the left pane and select “About device“.

The Wi-Fi MAC address will be displayed on the screen.

This tutorial applies to the SM-T820 and SM-T825 models of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.