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Jan 11, 2019  Komodo Edit comes with a streamlined user interface that enables you to quickly create new projects and start working on new files. The left side panel of the main window is reserved for navigating the files currently included in your project, while the main area allows you to view and edit.

Changes for v9.0.0 - v9.0.1

  • Release Highlights
  • Color Schemes: Use foreground color for caret color - fixes #75.
  • Run: Run command was not saving recent commands - fixes #37.
  • UI: Bottom pane height did not persist properly across restart - fixes #47.
  • Trackchanges: Encoding issue on windows where characters end up garbled in the change dialog - fixes #69.
  • UI: Ugly border showing around notifications on windows - fixes #108.
  • UI: fixed OSX Yosemite vibrancy effect in panes.
  • fix issue #58 - codeintel: allow go-lang prefs to pass to out-of-process codeintel.
  • Other Changes
  • Abyss: Fixed issues on Windows with double borders and white space above toolbar.
  • Commando: Cache is not updated when a shorcut is added - fixes #115.
  • Commando: Commando hangs when descriptions have complex values - fixes #111.
  • Commando: Commando prompts are behind commando panel on OSX - fixes #110.
  • Commando: Oversized menulist icon on HiDPI.
  • Commando: Reload sections scope when switching files - fixes #114.
  • Editor: XML Auto-indentation causes infinite loop in edge cases - fixes #186.
  • Icons: Debug tab icon was oversized on HiDPI/Retina - fixes #72.
  • Notify: Pressing cog hides notification when priority is NOW - fixes #41.
  • Places: Duplicate contents when toggling a folder - fixes #61.
  • Places: Update places when a project is saved - fixes #129.
  • Printing: Use the global ko object - fixes #74 & fixes #135.
  • UI: High CPU use on OSX when using Trackpad - fixes #99.
  • UI: Improve scrollbar contrast on dark color schemes.
  • UI: Places widget dropdown menu had uppercase text - fixes #46.
  • fix Debugger: Required two attempts to start debugging.
  • fix issue #149 - Debugger: Ensure Ctrl+F5 to skip debugger dialog works.
  • fix issue #85 - Tcl autocomplete insertion was incorrect for unicode.
  • fix issue #171: Code Intelligence: Fix race condition when multiple windows opened at startup.

Changes for v5.1.4 - v5.2.0

  • better performance and stability
  • customizable list of primary languages
  • easily view source of HTML pages
  • sub-language background colors
  • PHP 5.3 support
  • Ruby 1.9.1 debugging support (IDE)
  • SCC history search-ability (IDE)
  • dropped the Komodo Mac OS X powerpc builds

Changes for v5.1.2 - v5.1.3

  • Bug fixes
  • The fast open (aka “Go to File”) dialog had a few improvements:
  • Tab now autocompletes instead of moving to the next match. This makes it much more natural (if you’re used to the shell) to navigate directories in the dialog. (Bug 82677)
  • Removed duplicates in “Go to File” list. (Bug 82705)
  • Current search is aborted when the “Go to File” dialog is closed. (Bug 82529)
  • Added Ctrl+n & Ctrl+p keybindings for down/up navigation for Emacs-heads. (Bug 82678)
  • Komodo’s Vi Emulation is ever improving:
  • Comment/uncomment working correctly in visual line mode. (Bug 82369)
  • Fixed visual line selection mode indent/dedent problems. (Bug 82368)
  • The cc command now maintains line indentation. (Bug 82707)
  • There have been a number of improvements for using Komodo’s color schemes and package (.kpz) files. More on that in a separate post later this week.
  • One of the side-effects of the work for color schemes is the addition of in komodo.xul. This may be of interest to Komodo extension authors that would like to use a notificationbox instead of alert dialogs or other mechanisms to give feedback to users.
  • Eventually I think Komodo’s editor tabs should also grow a notification box — as Firefox has one for each browser tab.
  • Again, goofy from babelzilla has been diligently providing localization patches for Komodo: bug 82580, bug 82819, bug 82821, bug 82822, bug 82824, bug 82825.
  • A bug where terminating run commands on Windows would not always work was fixed. (Bug 82655) The right answer for being able to kill a process and its child processes on Windows is to use a Windows Job object. Answer courtesy of Benjamin Smedberg’s killableprocess.py. Komodo now uses code based on this. I’d like to find the time to get something based on this into Python’s core subprocess module.

Changes for v5.1.0 - v5.1.1

  • Perl: Added support for Perl::Critic linting (if the module is installed), including a preference to indicate which severity level to use. (Bug 80330)
  • Debugger: Fixed problem in redrawing variable tabs which caused slowdowns and hangs when debugger was run repeatedly. (Bug 82518, 82542, 82426, 82557).
  • SCC History:
  • Date column now sorting correctly for git, bzr and hg. (Bug 82372)
  • Fixed support for Unicode usernames with hg. (Bug 82493)
  • Mac OS X: Fixed potential error opening browser from within Komodo. (Bug 82470)
  • Go to File: Added support for filesystem paths (e.g. '~/dir/file.ext'). (Bug 82483)
  • Remote Files: Don't re-prompt for password when username contains '@'. (Bug 73780)
  • PHP: Fixed Fixed stdlib code completions failing after trying to parse a binary file. (Bug 82543)
  • Fixed bug saving files in some less common languages. (Bug 82512)
  • New behavior: When a buffer is closed, Komodo now switches to the previously visited buffer. The title bar now correctly shows the name of the new current buffer after the close. (Bug 82474)
  • Projects: 'Move to trash' fixed on Ubuntu 8.10. (Bug 81138)

Changes for v4.4.1.1774 - v5.0.3

  • Shared code: With new support for the Git, Mercurial (hg), and Bazaar distributed version control systems (or the already supported Subversion, Perforce, and CVS), you can share your code with whichever SCC system you choose. And smart cross-SCC system checkout wizardry makes it easier to get to work on shared repositories.
  • Shared beauty: Consistent formatting improves code readability and maintainability in a team. Easily hook external code formatting tools (like PHP Beautifier, Perltidy, and astyle) into Komodo IDE 5.0 or add tighter integration via an extension.
  • Shared speed: Komodo IDE 5.0 is now built on the Mozilla 1.9 codebase (the same codebase as Firefox 3) and Python 2.6, so it's speedier, prettier (particularly the more native look on OS X), and has new features to aid in stability.
  • And more, of course: Like multiple top-level windows, slicker UIs for tabs and sidebars.. Check out the Komodo IDE 5.0 documentation for all the details.

Changes for v4.4.0.1649 - v4.4.1.1774

  • Updates includes a range of bug fixes and performance improvements, including significant improvements to to speed of the Sections List.