Moshi Luna Backlit Illuminated Keyboard For Mac

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Are you in the market for a new keyboard for your Mac computer? If you are, Moshi’s Luna Backlit Mac keyboard, unveiled back in 2012, might be it, although with it being priced at $100, it does put it out of the range for consumers who are simply looking for an alternative to Apple’s own brand of Mac keyboards.

Apple pitches smaller as better, and with only a few notable exceptions, we’re usually inclined to agree. But sometimes the ergonomic needs of an input device can justify a larger footprint, and that’s why we’re interested in Moshi’s new Luna ($100), a keyboard the company unveiled at the 2012 International CES. Yes, it’s bigger than Apple’s Wireless Keyboard—wider, taller, and deeper than even the Apple Keyboard with the numeric keypad—but some users will find that its good looks make up for the added size. Updated February 14, 2012 with hands-on details!

Like the larger model of Apple’s keyboard, Luna has a full layout with a number pad and all—in fact, the layout is almost identical, though the function key collection moves volume and other buttons around, while adding a few keys that can be used on PCs. Most of the extra size comes from a substantial clear acrylic frame that extends out from the sides and down, adding only a centimeter to each side, as well as an inch and a half at the bottom. Moshi says this is to provide a “zero-gravity” appearance. Both the acrylic and the keys light up with several levels of brightness, enabling easier typing in a dark room while providing a striking illuminated area on a desk. Luna probably isn’t the best choice for users trying to go wireless, as it does connect over USB, yet doesn’t include a pass-through USB port like Apple’s wired keyboards. Original pacman download for mac windows 7. It does feature a 9-degree incline, however, a steeper angle than Apple’s ever-flattening typing surfaces, and the scissor-style kets are every bit as responsive as the ones Mac users would expect from official keyboards. A very large microfiber cleaning cloth is included to keep the glossy top surfaces shiny, as well.

I know quite a few people have been interested in a backlit keyboard for the iMac. I'm sure many are hoping that the 2012 model comes with a backlit keyboard. In the meantime, I thought I would mention the one backlit keyboard for mac that I actually like. It's the Moshi Luna. It actually works with both mac and pc (has keys such as function lock to change key behavior). I picked one up from the Apple store and really like it. Nice look. Nice feel. Links below.
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