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Taking notes on a Mac is as simple as opening Notes and starting to type. But the best way to take notes actually depends on your own personal habits and workflow.

Some people are better with sticky notes that stay on your screen all the time, or an app that syncs seamlessly with Evernote. If your notes tend to turn into blog posts, an app like MarsEdit can keep them organized until they’re ready to publish.

Setapp collection is packed with useful apps that might fit your unique way of note-taking better than a one-size-fits-all solution like Apple’s own Notes. With over 150 apps to choose from — and a free trial — you’re bound to find the best app for jotting down your thoughts. Here are our favorites.

Best note-taking apps for Mac

Get the most out of your notes - with a huge set of top Mac apps in one pack!

Capture ideas with Unclutter

Unclutter is perfect for capturing the smallest germ of an idea, since it works as both a sticky notes app and a clipboard manager. Because it’s always open, you can write down an idea the second you have it. Unclutter’s notes are sticky because they never go away, and the interface is even better than default sticky notes on the desktop since Unclutter doesn’t clutter up the view when you’re working in other apps.

To access Unclutter, you can just mouse to the top of your screen and scroll down (or choose your own key command), and its three-pane layout appears, with sections labeled Clipboard, Files, and Notes.

In Clipboard, you’ll see a list of everything you’ve copied to your Mac’s clipboard, ready to re-copy and paste whenever and wherever you need. You can star favorite items to keep them accessible here forever.

Files is a handy place to drop files you need an easy access to, like things you’re working on right now.

Unclutter’s Notes pane is a text field where you can type out notes and also drag text and links into. You can keep one long-running note to yourself or create multiple notes and view them in a list — the Search field searches the full text of all of your notes, so you can always find what you’re looking for. All panes are easy to resize to give yourself more room.

Unclutter is easy to fit into your workflow since it’s always there, and the search field helps you find things later. Dropbox integration even syncs your Unclutter files and notes across multiple Macs. When you want to turn your thoughts into something more edited, you can choose another note-taking app from Setapp.

MarsEdit and Strike for blogging

MarsEdit makes it easy to create content, cleverly edit what you write, and integrate with WordPress as well as other blog publishing services right from the app. Besides giving you a place to write in Markdown or Rich and Plain text, MarsEdit lets you build and format robust blog posts, complete with links, images, and other media. You can add tags and schedule your posts to go live anytime.

MarsEdit even makes it easy to gather links and media to blog about. It has a Safari extension that lets you save URLs and start blogging instantly once you find something worth writing about.

If you’re looking for a writing tool that allows to collaborate on a doc, you should go with Strike. This effortless text editor lets up to 10 people to work on the same content in real time.

Improve your writing‎ with Ulysses

Ulysses is a writing app with outstanding organizational features, so you can move from notes to an outline to a full manuscript. In fact, Ulysses is a popular app for Mac users participating in NaNoWriMo, a month-long exercise that encourages people to write a novel. It has all kinds of features to get you to write more, from flexible themes to eliminate distractions, to writing goals that count words written.

You can use Ulysses to post to a WordPress blog, export Word documents, or even format an entire ebook. But at the most fundamental level, it’s a great note-taking app because you never have to save anything, and your writing can sync between multiple Macs and iOS devices via iCloud or Dropbox. Your notes can contain images, keywords, and PDFs. The search function is incredibly thorough; for example, you can find keywords in notes created before a certain date, in case you want to see how your thoughts about something have evolved over time.

Take study notes with Studies

While other note-taking apps are flexible enough to handle work and personal topics side-by-side, Studies is created especially for those in academic settings. It’s designed to take your notes and turn them into study notes, which are basically flashcards on steroids.

Instead of a traditional two-sided flashcard for memorizing terms, the study notes in Studies can have as many “sides” as you need. They can contain text, images, videos, even audio. This makes them flexible enough that you can create study notes for any subject, from accounting to zoology. You can share study notes with classmates or even download pre-written note sets from Quizlet.

Then, you can use Studies to quiz yourself. The app can set up a schedule for you, based on prepping for an exam or just learning the material as quickly as you can. It chooses notes to study every day, and the cards you got wrong will re-appear more frequently in future sessions, so you can get it right.

Setapp puts all best note-taking apps together

All these note-taking apps are available in Setapp, so you have access to them all for your ideal workflow. You could start an idea as a sticky note in Uncluttered, paste it into Alternote, where you flesh out the idea a little more. That syncs it to Evernote, which you can also connect to Blogo, and turn that note into a full-featured blog post for the world to read.

It’s all up to you, and Setapp lets you focus on the work, instead of finding the right apps, buying them, and then buying them again for updates. Just consider subscribing once and then all you have to do is write.

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Manage your imperative tasks with the Best Notes app for mac. While planning our day we all require special applications or software wherein we can easily jot down various important points. Small little notes help us in completing important every task.
The note app for mac makes the procedure handy and much convenient for the user. So, if you are a Macintosh user you have ample options to choose the best for yourself. Following are some of the best notes apps for mac using which you can conveniently note down important points and reminders.

  • OneNote for mac: Best notes app for mac

OneNote is a note making application wherein the user can capture their ideas, record information and take down important notes.

  • iSticky for mac: Notes app for mac like Windows sticky Notes

iSticky is a fully-loaded note taking application which works as an office memo assistant for you. Just like you stick little notes on your work desk, you can use iSticky to create little memos and put them on your mac desktop using the application. So, when you need to complete a particular task the memo pops up and gives you a reminder about the same.

Even though we have a lot of note taking apps for mac but nothing can replace the notes that we take by scribbling down on a piece of paper. Be it the sticky note that we leave by the refrigerator or even on our main gate.

Recently, I was browsing through some online products and I found a really cool Message board with memo padswhich can be attached with the monitor and you can still get the same old feeling.

Growly Notes app for mac is a compact yet effective application for those who want to capture extensive information about various tasks in an organized manner. So if you want to create a to-do list or want to organize various research projects this tool is an expedient one for you. You can also create lovely scrapbooks or save web links with this tool.

Day One is a simple way to create a journal by writing elaborate write-ups. You can easily put down your memories and thoughts with this excellent application and sync them easily in the cloud to create a backup. Day One for mac has an exceptional user interface which encourages you to write your thoughts quickly and conveniently.

Stick ‘Em up is an effective stickies tool with advanced features which let you place important memos the desktop of your Macintosh. You can not only create notes using various colors but also resize them and put them anywhere on your screen as per your convenience.

This notes app for mac lets you store various notes under special categories which can you edit or change. You can also use various font styles to make the notes.

Sidenote for mac is an elaborate version of ‘stikies’ which comes in multi-document drawer form which easily hides at the corner of your desktop screen. You can jot down your daily notes including various images which can be modified as and when required. Sidenote expands automatically when you place the cursor over it and allows you to drag text or picture into it.

This is a wonderful note taking app which allows you to take notes and jot down the ideas together. It uses the linking system which helps in collating thoughts and ideas together in one place. Mac responsable de boutique. The tool also enables the user to add or change the links from where the original data has been extracted.

Curio for mac is an effective project management application which is created to encourage visual thinking. The user interface of Curio is designed in such a way that it lets the user gather information, collate various ideas and manage notes from time to time in order to conclude your project in a meticulous manner.

This tool lets the user create and retrieve different types of notes and clippings as and when required. The application has various printable themes which make it different from other note taking apps.

Remember is a brilliant to-do list app loaded with exceptional features. You can not only add notes with this app but also create dedicated folders to manage and arrange them as per your convenience.

These notes apps have made creating memos and reminders a much easy task for the mac users. By opting these applications, you can easily manage your day-to-day tasks. The advanced features presented by many of the applications works as an excellent companion for various business professions as they can meticulously manage their assignments as per priority.

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