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Frank (Atlanta)

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I'm using Nikon Capture v4.3 - it's a photo editing pack.
Haven't had problems, except that certain Help documents appear to have become deleted (i.e.: the Help Index works and I can see all the Help topics - simply some of the actual Help documents are missing (and others aren't)).
Nikon support suggested trashing the Nikon references in my Preferences folder, trashing the app itself and re-installing. OK, I'm willing to give that a shot; however, they also suggested downloading 3rd party drivers.
Question: Nikon support suggested I 'download PACE drivers for my system - install and restart'. They instructed me to go to: PACE seems to write code to address anti-piracy. While I have no issue with copyright protection, I simply want to know - are these downloads necessary or has anybody else had to use them? I simply don't know who/what PACE is and want to minimize the installation of 3rd party drivers.
Apologies if this question is really basic, but simply wanted to see if others have had to use PACE and if it's ok/really necessary.