Pop Up Driver For Account Track On Mac Konica Minolta

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We are using Auto created client printers(Default printer only) and the native Konica minolta C364seriesPCL print driver is installed on all citrix servers. The printer is getting auto created in the session with no issues and when printing to it the job is spooled and routed back to client but an error appears on the Print device saying 'Deleted due to error' when you check the job history on the printer. I believe its to do with account tracking / secure print set-up within the driver you have to enter a ID/Password I have manually entered this in by overiding the settings but i cant get it to work within Citrix. I have the tried the Konica UPD with the same results i also setup Print driver compatibility within Citrix polises so it would use the Citrix UPD but again it didnt work i also tried print retention in profile but still doesnt work

1 Copytech’s Guide to setting up and using Account Track v2. Account Track. Copytech’s guide to setting up and using Account Track. Account Track is the built in usage monitoring feature of Konica Minolta.

any ideas ? I spy spooky mansion download for mac.