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PC/Mac Controls. The following are the standard controls for Fortnite. Please note that you can rebind PC/Mac controls and switch between Standard or Quick Builder controller schemes via the in-game Settings menu. Function – PC/Mac Controls. Move Forward – W. Move Backward – S. Move Right – D. Move Left – A. Cursor Mode – Left Alt. Jump – Space Bar.

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QuickTime Player User Guide

Use your keyboard, trackpad, or Magic Mouse to quickly accomplish many tasks in QuickTime Player.

Basic tasks



New movie recording


New audio recording


New screen recording


Open file


Open location using a URL


Close window




Minimize window


Show Movie Inspector


Show export progress


Movie playback



Play or pause

Space bar

Play or pause all movies


Stop playback and go back one frame

Left Arrow

Stop playback and go forward one frame

Right Arrow

Go to the beginning of a movie

Option-Left Arrow

Go to the end of a movie

Option-Right Arrow

Cycle through rewind speeds

Command-Left Arrow

Cycle through fast-forward speeds

Command-Right Arrow

Turn volume up

Up Arrow

Turn volume down

Down Arrow

Turn the volume up to the maximum level

Option-Up Arrow

Turn the volume down to the minimum level

Option-Down Arrow

Loop the movie


Movie playback gestures



Scrub forward

While paused, swipe two fingers up or right

Scrub backward

While paused, swipe two fingers down or left

Skip forward

While playing, swipe two fingers up or right

Skip backward

While playing, swipe two fingers down or left

Fast forward

On a Force Touch trackpad, increase or decrease pressure to control speed


On a Force Touch trackpad, increase or decrease pressure to control speed

Volume up

Over the volume control, swipe two fingers up or right

Volume down

Over the volume control, swipe two fingers down or left

Change the view



Enter full-screen view


Exit full-screen view

Command-F or Esc

Display movie at actual size


Fit the movie to the screen


Fill the screen with the movie


Display the movie in panoramic mode


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Increase the movie size

Command-Plus Sign (+)

Decrease the movie size

Command-Minus Sign (-)

Movie editing










Main menu pro 3.5.2 free download for mac download. Command-C



Select all


Rotate left


Rotate right


Flip horizontally


Flip vertically


Split clip




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