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Microsoft Silverlight for Mac Free Download: Microsoft Silverlight for Mac is a powerful productivity tool to create and deliver rich Internet applications. With Microsoft Silverlight Mac version, it is easy to write and run internet apps much similar to Adobe Flash. Microsoft Silverlight is a free web-browser plug-in with which you will be getting interactive media experiences, immersive mobile apps, and rich business applications. The .NET framework powers Microsoft Silverlight Mac version, and thus it is compatible with the multiple browsers, and devices of different operating systems. Silverlight includes features including animation, vector graphics, audiovideo playback and thus you can experience the rich Internet applications. Microsoft Silverlight app is functioning to bring a new level of interactivity wherever the Webworks. It offers a flexible programming model with the support of AJAX, VB, C#, Python, and Ruby. Furthermore, Silverlight integrates along with the existing Web applications extensible programming support for its users. Microsoft Silverlight has been developed as a competitor to the Adobe Flash and is now seen as a competitor for the Adobe Air, Abobe’s Web 2.0.

Microsoft Silverlight for Mac free download supports fast, cost-effective delivery of high-quality video to all major browsers running on the OS X or Windows. With Microsoft Silverlight Mac download, you can easily create applications, games and that can be used in displaying online videos across different platforms. Thus, you can watch Silverlight-based content in your browser in all major browsers like Firefox and Safari. The latest version of Silverlight includes smoother streaming, DRM management, along with the out-of-browser player. You can stream high-resolution videos with the Silverlight, and it also supports HD-quality videos. Download Microsoft Silverlight Mac to let enjoy all its top feature like Smooth Streaming, PivotViewer, Pixel shader and more.

Microsoft Silverlight for Mac – Specifications

This worked for me in running Fidelity ATP with Firefox, not Safari: Find the Microsoft Silverlight alias in Applications, double click to open Microsoft Silverlight Preferences. In the Application Storage tab, Delete All (lower right) Enable Application Storage should be checked. Quit Silverlight, restart Firefox. Nov 18, 2018  I have tested new Safari on Mojave and Silverlight is not working. Is Silverlight going to be supported? I have tested Flash and Flash is working properly. I guess Flash is going to be supported but Silverlight not. Any official statement about this?

Application Name: Microsoft Silverlight
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Version: 5.1.50907
Categories: Productivity
Languages: English
File size: 15.23 MB

Features of Microsoft Silverlight Mac

The salient features of Microsoft Silverlight Mac Download are listed below

IIS Smooth Streaming: With the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight installed on your Mac PC, you will be able to get the high definition streams that will be playback smoothly.

PivotViewer: Download Microsoft Silverlight to use the PivotViewer to interact with the massive amounts of web data easily. It will let you visualize thousands of related items at once that are powerful, informative, and fun.

SketchFlow: SketchFlow is a part of Blend for Visual Studio 2013, and it will revolutionize the speed and efficiency with which you can demonstrate a vision for an application.

Deep Zoom: Silverlight’s Deep Zoom feature is the fastest, smoothest, zooming technology on the Web and that will bring the highest resolution images and frame rate. Icadmac serial.

Pixel Shader: The Pixel Shader effect includes blur and drops shadow, and that can be applied to any animated, graphical contents. Besides this, you can write your own effect too.

New Effects: With Silverlight app download, you will be getting for about 60 high-quality, fully skinnable and customizable out-of-the-box controls for free. It includes charting and media, new layout containers like dock and view box.

Silverlight installed but not working

Perspective 3D Graphics:Silverlight lets its developers and designers apply content to a 3D plane using the perspective 3D Graphics. You can also create a queue in 3D and transitions. Without any additional codes, you can rotate or scale live content in space.

Media Format Extensibility: With the new Raw AV pipeline, Microsoft Silverlight can easily support a wide variety of third-party codecs. With media format extensibility, you can make the audio and video decoded outside the runtime and rendered easily.

Skinning & Styling: Create graphics and use them to customize controls like the look of a scrollbar. With the XAML based templates of Silverlight, you can allow the designers to take control and change the layout without rewriting any code.

Download Microsoft Silverlight for Mac

Microsoft Silverlight app is compatible with the Mac version of 10.0 and later.

Click here to Download Microsoft Silverlight for Mac from the official site.

Techniques To Download Microsoft Silverlight on Your Mac PC

Technique One: The first technique to download Microsoft Silverlight Mac app on your Mac PC is very simple. You have to click on above given “Download Link.” Once you click on the link, Microsoft Silverlight app will get downloaded and installed automatically on our Mac PC. Microsoft Silverlight for Mac Download via this technique is the most simple and easy way of getting Microsoft Silverlight app right on your Mac desktop PC. With Microsoft Silverlight, you can create engaging, interactive user experiences for the Web as well as mobile applications. It is a powerful development tool that is compatible with multiple browsers, devices, and OS. Microsoft Silverlight for Mac enables you with interactive media experiences along with a new level of interactivity wherever web works.

Technique two: The second method to download Microsoft Silverlight Mac is also simple however you require additional time to search for it and use it on the Apple device. In this method, you can get the Microsoft Silverlight app directly from its official website. Once you enter into the Microsoft Silverlight app’s website, you will be able to see many options on the screen, in this page, you will be able to see the Purple Download Button and just make a click to get the Microsoft Silverlight app on your Mac PC. Once you click the button, Microsoft Silverlight app will get download and installed right on your Mac PC.

Screenshots of Microsoft Silverlight

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