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Free Customer Database Software For Mac Rating: 9,7/10 2407 reviews

Store and track all of your customer and client information in one job-tracking and invoicing application. Free to try Publisher: Kevin VanStrien Shareware Downloads: 5,323. HubSpot's free CRM (Mac & iOS optimized) is built for companies that want to spend time growing their business, not logging data. All your contacts are in one centralized, customizable database. It helps you manage your pipeline so you can keep deals moving forward.

Part 1

1. Pipeliner CRM:

Reaper crack for mac. Features and Functions:

· Pipeliner CRM is afree CRM software for Macwhich helps the sales leaders to keep an eye on the Key Performance Indicator (KPI), easily as well as comprehensively.

· You can schedule your meeting with your customers and complete your pending activities using this software.

· Sales stages feature helps you to set milestones for your sales process so that you can take a good look at the risk factor in your sales an increase the predictability.


· Thisfree CRM software for Mackeeps a track of all the sales activity of the user.

· Very attractive graphical design.

· One can access all the sales data offline also.


· For marketing campaigns, thisfree CRM software for Macis not very ideal.

· Processing becomes quite slow when there is a large amount of data.

· Complex functionalities for the manager.

User Reviews:

· Easy to Use, Saves Time. -

· Fantastic CRM for Sales. -

· Very useful sales application for freelancers!. –


2.Reflect CRM Customer Database:

Features and Functions:

· Thisfree CRM software for Macis a very useful software which helps its users to set reminders for various events and also generate reports using the filtered data.

· Multiple users and mobile access can be enables using the web access mode feature.

· You can easily import Customer data and information from Outlook or any other database.


· There is a facility of maintaining unlimited tasks, events and notes for every client in thisfree CRM software for Mac.

· One installation allows you to run multiple businesses.

· Takes less than 60 second to install and run.


· The notes section does not display the notes written properly.

· Only CSV files can be used to import data automatically.

User Reviews:

· I recently set up the crm software as well as several other business programs offered by this company and so far everything works great. Easy to install and I had our 500 customer and 2000 contacts up and running in no time. A huge thank you for simplifying my life. -

· This software is most useful for my insurance customer data. -

· Needs a lot of work. -


3.Infusion Soft:

Features and Functions:

· Infusion Soft is afree CRM software for Macwhich is mainly dedicated to serve the purpose of a small business.

· Helps you create automated follow-ups, submit forms, send emails relevant to the customers and maximize the customer engagement.

· You can create an online store and maintain inventory, billings, etc., and by creating discounts and promo offers.


· Sales activities are simplified in CRM of thisfree CRM software for Mac.

· In marketing you can capture leads with the help of web forms.

· Automatically helps you to track delivery of a product ordered on your online store.


· This software takes time to learn and needs regular practice.

· Thisfree CRM software for Macslows down the system sometimes which can be frustrating in case of emergency work.

· Client emails that are incoming are not captured by the system.

User Reviews:

· I've been using Infusionsoft since 2007. It's a great platform to automate your business and marketing efforts.

· Flaws and all, Infusionsoft is worth it

· I love Infusionsoft. It allows me to collaborate across oceans with my marketing team with ease and confidence.


4.Sugar CRM:

Features and Functions:

· Sugar CRM is a very extensively usedfree CRM software for Macwhich has over 60000 users in more than 80 different languages.

· Google docs can be easily uploaded and shared inside the Sugar CRM interface itself.

· Allows the user to customize their home page and for the new users it has a helping wizard to know the software well.


· Sugar CRM is very easy to installfree CRM software for Mac.

· The entire stack gets integrated by the time the user clicks on the finish button.

· It does not interfere with any other software installed on our computer as it is self contained.


· There are some problems with the syncing of calendar of thisfree CRM software for Mac.

· The themes cannot be changes in accordance with the company.

· The dashboard is missing and hence it becomes difficult to take glance at your entire business.

User’s Review:

· Extremely customizable and powerful.

· Decent alternative to, if on a tight budget.

· For companies that settle for less, Sugar is your CRM.


5. Sumac:

Features and Functions

· Sumac is one of thefree CRM software for Macwhich is mainly used for managing non-profit data.

· It helps you perform the email marketing and payment processing with ease as it is already built in the software.

· Allows you to integrate your software with an accounting software so as to manage your accounts as well.


· Thisfree CRM software for Macruns on almost every operating system or platform and hence is very versatile.

· Sumac can be very easily customized according to the organization’s need.

· Sumac provides quick responses to their user’s query and provides unmatched customer support. So now you don’t need to worry about what Sumac lacks in, you can simply raise these issues to their customer support and they will look into the matter as soon as possible.


· The representation charts are not very attractive.

· Does not provide any API for the web based programs. Allows the use of HTML codes which have some limitations.

· It is difficult to send formatted emails because an HTML template needs to be built in with the help of another software and then attach that template with this email and send it through Sumac.

User Reviews:

· Great Value, Solid Program. -

· Support is excellent! Sumac was very responsive to questions and also very responsive to suggestions. -

· SUMAC wins the prize for the tech company that consistently provides patient, helpful and good advice. -


6.Prophet CRM:

Features and Functions

· This is afree CRM software for Macwhich is actually a transition of MS Outlook into a CRM software.

· Prophet synchronizes all your Outlook data with the stages, records and opportunities of so that customer data can be easily analyzed with one tool itself.

· Automated tracking is done for the emails sent, notes for the meeting, scheduled appointments, etc.


· Outlook integration in thisfree CRM software for Macserves as a great help.

· Less clustered environment because of integration with MS Outlook .

· Keeps an excellent track of notes.


· One needs to synchronize data every time in order to work on it offline.

· Takes a lot of time to load the database.

· One needs to have a lot of patience while learning this in the beginning.

User Reviews

· Great way to stay organized

· Coordinating Clients with Projects

· A great tool to organize your book of business, and pipeline.



Features and Functions

· Marketo is anotherfree CRM software for Macdesigned by the marketers and for the marketers which features capabilities like budget management, marketing automation, sales insight, social marketing, etc.

· It is integrated with both, Sugar CRM as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM which helps the sales rep to get a clear picture of the lead so that they can maintain the priority on basis of this report.

· It has over 250 partners and 3000 customers who share their views, give ideas and give a direct influence to the development of the project.


· Easy customization of emails and campaigns and also cloning them.

· It can easiy collect a very large amount of data as compared to otherfree CRM software for Mac.

· They have well experienced and spontaneous customer support system.


· The email editor does not line up everything correctly.

· It has a steep learning curve and it definitely takes some time to understand the software.

· Other than English, all other languages are very poorly supported by Marketo and it becomes really difficult to deal with the names with accent.

User Reviews:

· The best Marketing Automation tool on the market

· Helping us scale up our marketing

· Marketo, absolutely a must have for any marketing org


8.Silver Pop:

Features and Functions

· Silver pop is a very powerfulfree CRM software for Macwhich helps the marketers to develop multi channel campaigns and deliver them.

· This software is specifically made for medium to enterprise level businesses.

· With the help of the print option, you can print your lead scoring model and use them to show it your sales people for their better understanding.

Pros of Zurmo

· Processes even the most sophisticated data.

· Handles almost everything that is needed for email marketing

· After sending the link through emails, they can be easily changed into URLs. This feature is not offered in many of thefree CRM software for Mac.


· It is not a good option for larger business or enterprises.

· The platform is a little confusing to use and needs time to load sometimes.

· Customer support is not very effective and spontaneous.

User Reviews:

· Great for SMB, only ok for Enterprise

· Silverpop: an advanced marketing automation tool

· An automation, email and marketing solution for any business


9. Workbooks:

Features and Functions

· Workbooks is afree CRM software for Macmainly designed for small to mid-sized companies like healthcare, media, consultation, etc.

· Marketing automation is feature dedicated to extract data directly from the company website when they express their interest. This helps is distributing leads to the sales team.

· The support module helps the customer to submit their query or complaints through a ticket.


· The software is fully integrated and not modular and hence it helps maintain everything in a single system.

· This free CRM software for Mac is very easy to use and quite efficient at performing various tasks.

· Transition from one module to another like from order to purchase order and so on is very easy.


· Copy and paste options are not available.

· Reporting in thisfree CRM software for Macis not very efficient.

· You cannot create a replica of an existing order without the attachments.

User Reviews:

· Tailor and minimize it to your needs only, it can be quite bloated if you do not.

· Amazing. Would love to a shopping cart added but I love the CRM

· Utilised for general data base and sales lead tool


10. HatchBuck:

Features and Functions:

· Thisfree CRM software for Macis an all in one marketing and sales management software

· Hatchbuck contains very powerful and versatile features to maintain the existing clients and also the prospective ones.

· Option is there to import contacts from Ms Outlook, linkedIn and Excel and information related to leads can be easily copied from the company’s website.


· Immediate feedback is received once your sent emails are opened by the recipients.

· You can send blast emails by keeping the subject personalized.

· Marketing and CRM integration works the best.


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· Learning program takes a little time to be understood.

· The emails sent from and which are received by hatchbuck goes to the junk folder sometimes.

· The numbers of users are either 1 or 3 and not in-between.

User Reviews:

· Hatchbuck; a Better Way to Connect and Track Your Prospects

· 2 thumbs up for Hatchbuck

· Good For Small Business