Vmware Esxi 5 License Keygen For Mac

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From the Licensing page of the vSphere Client, you can view details about the use and capacity of each license key that is assigned to an asset.

Verify that you have the Global.Licenses privilege.

Ensure that the vSphere Client is connected to the vCenter Server system.

Ensure that you have the vSphere Web Client installed and the vCenter Server system is registered with it.

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In the vSphere Client, select Home > Administration > Licensing.


Select the Reporting tab.

If the vCenter Server instance that you are connected to is part of a Linked Mode group, leave the default All vCenter Server instances value in the vCenter Server drop-down menu.

You should leave the default All vCenter Server instances value to view the use for a license key for the entire group. If you select a single vCenter Server instance and the license key is assigned to more than one asset in the group, you do not receive information about the total use of the license key.


From the Time period drop-down menu, select the time period for which you want to view details for a license key.

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(Optional) If you select a custom time period, specify the start and end dates, and click Recalculate.


To view the license keys that belong to a product, select the product from the Products Chart pane.

To view the details for a license key, select the key from the Product Details pane.