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Jun 11, 2019  Unlike PDF, which has to be converted into Excel to be able to use the data (you can convert it with Cometdocs), XML and CSV can be imported into Excel fairly easy. We have already shown you how to import CSV into Excel, and vice versa. Now, we are going to show you how to import XML format into Microsoft Excel. Solved: How can I import XML file into SAS? - SAS Support read more. Excel to XML Sitemap Tutorial. Rick Ramos read more.

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Good afternoon zanabden,
Welcome to the Support Communities!
I understand you have a list of contacts in Excel and you would like to import them into your Contacts on your iPhone.
The first step is to export your Excel spreadsheet as a vCard (if working with iCloud), or comma-separated value (.csv) text file if working with a Mac or PC.
  • If you have Contacts enabled in iCloud, you can go to and import the data into the Contacts app online. This will populate the information to your iPhone if you have iCloud Contacts enabled.
  • If you have a Mac, you can import the data into the Contacts app.
  • If you have a PC, you can download iCloud for Windows and import your contacts into Outlook.
Here are some resources to accomplish this:
Set tup iCloud on all your devices
iCloud: Import a vCard​
XmlContacts for Mac: Import contacts
Get help using Outlook with iCloud for Windows​
Enjoy your day!