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I do have a 'shebang' line in the beginning. I'm not really sure what you mean by permissions (I'm really not very good with this stuff) All I know is that the script was originally written for PC, and when I try to run it using textwrangler for MAC I get an error message about it not recognizing the line breaks. It asks if i would like to run anyways, and when I click 'yes' two more error messages pop up. Here is the code:
  1. #!usr/bin/perl
  2. for($x=0;$x<=32;$x++){print 'Content-Type: text/htmlnn';
  3. my $url = 'http://media.myspace.com/services/media/mediahitcounter.ashx?i=MIGdBgorBgEEAYI3WAOloIGOMIGLBgorBgEEAYI3WAMBoH0wewIDAgABAgJmAwICAMAECGsqNJONYBVXBBDRkdWvLlNLH7QrLDJlGErdBFCdZkI5sshYfDAuECeLUdmk9p0GKyOP6lr54anA6mENWEo8ZivJWXQV7UmmrUBpqVJzoVPn8jYHGWRhPZ4%2fp5qmhdQg9JGQI3K%2br07zNYR3NQ%3d%3d';
  4. use LWP::UserAgent;
  5. use HTTP::Request::Common qw(GET POST);
  6. my $agent = LWP::UserAgent->new;
  7. my $req = GET $url, Referer => '(http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=this+should+work&btnG=Google+Search&meta=)';
  8. print $agent->request($req)->as_string;}

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Some simple command line clients, for instance lwp-request and lwp-download. HTTP STYLE COMMUNICATION. The libwww-perl library is.

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commented Aug 2, 2017

Hi @willmclaren,
I followed the instructions to install ensembl-vep and got the error:

I am using Perlv5.22.1

Kindly guide.

commented Aug 2, 2017

The INSTALL.pl requires one of the following to download files:

  • the curl command line utility
  • the HTTP::Tiny Perl module
  • the LWP::Simple Perl module

I'd suggest installing curl on your system; it is a standard utility on most UNIX and Mac OSX systems, but there's a chance your setup is non-standard. How you do this depends on your operating system - do a google search for 'install curl on [MyOS]'.

commented Aug 2, 2017

Thanks @willmclaren. Its installing 89 version. My data was aligned with 79 version and hence the vcf files, how can I use 79 version?

commented Aug 2, 2017

If the assembly your data were called against was either GRCh37 or GRCh38 then you can use version 89 of the software fine.

However, if you specifically require Ensembl version 79 transcript data, you may download this cache with the following example command:

perl INSTALL.pl -a cf -s homo_sapiens -v 79 -y GRCh38

You should run this after you have successfully installed the v89 API.

Replace GRCh38 with GRCh37 if your data are on GRCh37/hg19.

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The --VERSION -v parameter described here applies to both software and data.

closed this Aug 3, 2017
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