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Building MiniSat with Emscripten for the Meteor logic-solver

  1. Install Emscripten. On a Mac with Brew, brew install emscripten will do it.(Last tested with emscripten 1.28.0.)
  2. Check that you have emmake, emcc, and node in your path. If you don'thave node in your path, you can locally modify the script in the next stepwhere it says NODE=node. (Node is only used to run a quick sanity checkafter compiling.)
  3. In the repo directory, run meteor/
  4. That's it. If everything worked, the build product is build/minisat.js.


  • The 'native' part of logic-solver is in meteor/ If you addfunctions to it, you need to also list them in

  • We wrap the entire Emscripten output in a closure, so that we can createmultiple instances of the entire C environment (including the heap).MiniSat's C++ classes are slightly leaky, and it doesn't seem wise to havemultiple solver instances sharing a heap on the 'native' side. Better tofully isolate instances, and not rely on (or even call) the destructor.

  • Download free qb78 pcp conversion kit for mac. There's heap allocation instrumentation, hackily implemented, that doesn'tactually run unless you put the compiler in debug mode (see comment in themake script about the -g flag). You also need to uncomment the linesstarting with ///// in meteor/midamble.js (which have been disabledso that they don't interfere with asm.js optimization).

  • You want to leave minification on (no -g flag), because unlikeclient-side code served by Meteor (which is minified anyway), Noderuns this code directly. Minification actually helps the JS compiletime quite a bit!

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